DeBary Housing Market Trends: November 2023 Update

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DeBary Housing Market Trends: November 2023 Update
The DeBary real estate market has witnessed significant changes over the past year, reflecting a dynamic shift in home prices, sales volume, and market velocity. Here's a snapshot of the current market trends in DeBary as of November 2023:
Median Sale Price:
This represents a substantial increase of 12.4% compared to last year. The upward trend in pricing indicates a growing demand in the DeBary housing market, making it a potentially lucrative time for sellers.
Number of Homes Sold:
42 homes
There's been an impressive growth of 147.1% in the number of homes sold year-over-year. This spike suggests a robust market, with more buyers actively purchasing homes in the DeBary area.
Median Days on Market:
37 days
Homes now take an average of 37 days to sell, which is 12 days longer than the previous year. This slight increase in the median days on the market could indicate a more balanced market, offering opportunities for both buyers and sellers.
These trends reflect a strong seller's market in DeBary, with rising prices and a higher volume of sales. However, the increase in the median days on market suggests buyers are taking more time to make decisions, providing a more leveled playing field.
Understanding these market dynamics is crucial for those considering buying or selling in DeBary. Potential sellers can capitalize on the increased home values, while buyers should be aware of the competitive environment and the slightly extended decision timeframe.
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